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8 Common Myths About Botox

June 10 2022

8 Common Myths About Botox

Botox is a drug that minimizes the effects of muscle contractions and hence improves facial appearance by smoothing it and removing wrinkles. It relaxes facial muscles by blocking the nerve impulses that cause muscle contraction, thus preventing facial movement. However, there are certain myths about the use of Botox. Fortunately, a medical spa in Michigan offers honest information and services about Botox.

1. Botox Will Cure Wrinkles
The effect of Botox is temporary. It soothes out the wrinkles only for a few months and you might need to go for touch-ups to maintain the results.

2. Botox Will Make Your Face Look Frozen
Wrinkles are formed by repeated facial movements that result in the formation of lines over time. Botox can relax facial muscles and thus temporarily prevent them from performing those movements.

3. Botox Will Make You Look Older
Botox does not make you look older. It does not affect your skin's elasticity and it's an injection that requires just one tiny dot on the forehead.

4. Botox Doesn’t Work
Botox does work. It may take several months for your skin to adjust but once it healed and the effects of the injection wore off, your wrinkles will be back regardless of whether or not you go for touch-ups.

5. Botox Affects Your Brain
Botox does not affect your brain. It’s only effective if it’s injected directly into the muscles responsible for frowning, squinting, or other facial expressions.

6. Botox Can Harm Your Vision
Botox has never been associated with permanent side effects, including vision problems. The FDA requires the Botox product to be manufactured safely so that it won't affect the eyes or surrounding tissues.

7. Botox Will Make You Sick
The formulation used to treat facial wrinkles contains extremely small amounts of botulinum toxin. It’s so small that it can't make you sick.

8. Botox Is Bad for Your Skin
Botox is a good choice for the skin. It doesn't weaken the collagen found in the skin, making it more resistant to sunlight and other forms of damage.

Myths surrounding Botox are common and they should be corrected by pointing out the facts. Don't hesitate to contact us today to learn more about Botox and the facts surrounding its use.

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