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Everything You Need To Know About Hair Laser Removal

January 28 2022

Everything You Need To Know About Hair Laser Removal

Laser hair removal is considered one of the most effective means of eliminating unwanted hair from various body parts. Many individuals seek this technique for its speed, ease of use, and immediate results.

How Does It Work?
Laser hair removal involves using pulsed light at different wavelengths to remove unwanted hair from the skin. The lasers are directed at specific cells within the hair follicle that trigger a localized inflammatory response that kills the hair-producing cells.

Who is a Good Candidate?
A good candidate is the one who practices patient during the entire laser hair removal procedure. Since some people take less time than others, you will notice changes after 3-6 months if you do it regularly. The length of time depends on your skin and hair type. Some types of hair may not grow back for up to 2 years after a procedure.

How Many Sessions Are Needed?
It’s advisable to go for sessions 4-6 weeks apart so that the skin can heal properly and then schedule another session after six weeks. Number of sessions is dependant on each client. Factors such as skin color and hair color will help determine how many sessions are required. You can discuss this by scheduling a laser hair removal consultation with us at Pure Laser Medspa located in Rochester Hills & Farmington Hills.

Remember that this is a life-long solution for unwanted hair so take care of your skin by applying sunscreen regularly and keeping it hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Ensure you follow all the right post-care tips recommended by your aesthetician to prevent complications after your treatment.

Where Can You Get It?
Only qualified professionals have the knowledge and skill to conduct this procedure safely. Practitioners at Pure Laser Medspa in Michigan provide proper aftercare tips to their clients after the procedure. Consultations and procedures are customized for your specific case and thus require personal attention. When you want to do your procedure, we offer specials like underarm laser hair removal for affordable prices.

If you don’t want to undergo more painful treatments like waxing or threading, then you should get started with the laser hair removal procedure as soon as possible. Don’t delay your appointment because, in that case, you might end up suffering from unnecessary discomfort and skin problems. Also, consult an aesthetician if you have doubts about your decision to get a laser hair removal procedure. Contact Pure Laser specialists today!

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