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Photodynamic Therapy For Sun-Damaged Skin

September 09 2022

Photodynamic Therapy For Sun-Damaged Skin

Radiant, smooth, clear skin is something people admire and try hard to achieve. Many spend a lot of money on topical products, but there are amazing skincare treatments that can yield superb results. Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is one of these therapies that is safe and effective.

Blue Light 'Special'

Photodynamic Therapy or PDT is a treatment often performed at top medical spas such as Pure Laser USA in Michigan. PDT is also known as "Blue Light" and was developed to treat areas of sun damage, including fine wrinkles, skin roughness, actinic elastosis, and mottled hyperpigmentation as well as acne.

Smooth, Glowing Skin

PDT could be an excellent aesthetic treatment if you're looking for facial rejuvenation with smoother skin texture, a more even complexion, an increase in collagen production, and fewer wrinkles. Photodynamic Therapy is performed in a relaxing medical spa with a team of skincare experts from Pure Laser USA. PDT is a well-established, non-invasive treatment modality.

Sophisticated Laser Treatment

Photodynamic Therapy works by directing wavelengths of blue fluorescent light to activate a topical medicine applied to the skin. The technique selectively acts against sun damage and other skincare issues the patient is looking to address. The procedure is not painful, and patients describe it like a rubber band snapping on your skin.

Ideal PDT Candidate

To see if you're a good PDT candidate, the first step is to book an appointment at a Pure Laser USA medical spa. Our skincare professionals have the extensive training, skill, and background to perform this aesthetic therapy. The team will examine your skin to determine if Photodynamic Therapy can help the sun damage you have. There are benefits and limitations to the procedure, and these details will be explained to you.

Pregnant women or patients taking Accutane during the previous six months are not eligible for PDT.

Anyone can have radiant, smooth, clear skin, and today's advancements in aesthetic treatments give you wonderful options in reaching this goal. Book an appointment today at Pure Laser USA, a medical spa with the finest skincare experts.

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