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Skincare Trends 2022

January 21 2022

Skincare Trends 2022

2021 has been an amazing year for skincare trends. Whether you are a skin enthusiast, it’s always exciting to see new skincare trends to expect in 2022.

Importance of Skincare
Good skincare helps the skin stay in the best condition. As you shed skin cells during the day, your skin will keep glowing and be in good condition with good skincare. Skincare also helps the skin look more youthful. Aging may cause the skin cells to turn over slowly and make the skin look dull. Quality skincare routines and products will help remove dead cells, and the body will replace them with new and youthful cells.

Skincare Trends In 2022

DIY Skincare Products
2022 is the year to be kind to your skin and feed it, and one of the biggest trends this year is DIY (natural) cosmetics. People are searching the internet more for DIY skincare treatments.

Medical Mushrooms
It’s reported that the search for mushrooms on search engines for beauty and skincare has been growing in the last few years. Mushrooms act as potent antioxidants and are natural anti-inflammatory when added to topical formulas, making them a good choice for inflamed skin.

More Focus On Water
In 2022 many brands are focusing on water and manufacturing BYOW (bring your own water) products) such as retinol bars that dissolve on water contact.

Skin Kindness
People have been cleansing their skin more than enough and using harsh products that strip actives for many years. In 2022 people will use products in loose rotation depending on their skin needs instead of using a repetitive regime.

Transparent Skincare
In 2022 we will see an increase in the demand for transparency regarding skincare products from all brands, and this trend will shape the skincare future in 2022.

Treatments That Are of Interest at This Time

Chemical Peels: chemical peels continue to be a top aesthetic trend in 2022 for clear and radiant skin. Chemical peels are available at Pure Laser Medspa in Michigan.

Photofacials: Pure Laser medical spa in Michigan offers this skin rejuvenation procedure that utilizes light and different spectral components for improving the skin and helps to get rid of their red complexion, fine wrinkles, irregular pigmentation, and large pores. This trend will increase in popularity in 2022.
Herbal (green peel): this is one of the medspa treatments in Michigan done at Pure Laser to increase blood circulation, improve oxygen and nutrition supply and stimulate skin renewal.

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