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What To Know Before Getting a Cheek Filler

February 04 2022

What To Know Before Getting a Cheek Filler

A cheek filler is a type of cosmetic injection done on the cheek to even out the contour of the face. It allows the face to be re-shaped, typically by filling out a hollowed or reducing rounded cheekbone or an under-eye hollow. You can get the best results by visiting a reputable medical spa in Michigan.

Cheek Filler Procedure
Getting a cheek filler involves first injecting a local anesthetic to numb the area and prevent pain during the procedure. Another injection is then made in your skin; this will allow your cheek to be filled up using hyaluronic acid or other types of fillers.If you want to get prominent cheeks, you can do a cheek filler that involves pulling down the corner of your mouth and injecting it with a filler or having it injected below your eye.

Skin Concerns That Cheek Fillers Can Address
Aging, tiredness, and hormonal changes can all be responsible for changes in facial skin. However, many people also experience these problems on the surface of the skin, altering the appearance of their face and making them look tired and older than they are.
Cheek fillers offer a solution to this problem by restoring a natural and vibrant appearance. By examining your face carefully, Pure Laser Med Spa in Toronto precisely analyses what needs to be done to get cheek fillers that best suit your needs, including the shape, amount, and desired outcome.

A Good Candidate For Cheek Fillers
One factor that makes you a good candidate for cheek fillers is if your cheeks are not well-defined. The other factor is if you want to soften the appearance of your face. For those who wish to alter the shape of their face, cheek fillers can be used to achieve this with minimal risk.
How Long Do Cheek Fillers Last?
A common question people ask about the procedure is, "How long do cheek fillers last?" Your therapist will discuss this with you at the consultation. It's not uncommon for cheek fillers to start to break down after 3-6 months. Occasionally, they can last up to one year and more depending on your skin condition and genetics.
If your cheeks are not well-defined and you want them to appear younger, then you need to consider cheek filler. You can absolutely get the cheek filler injection in Michigan at Pure Laser Medspa. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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